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Hope Update


Poor Hope didn’t get much napping in today, but not for lack of trying, maybe she will sleep better tonight. Puppy bladders are not very big. But she had a big day, so I expect her to sleep well tonight. First we went to the vet and got some meds for tapeworms (Eww). Then she went with us everywhere and even to Pet Smart (now I know better, not to take her till she has had more vaccinations). And the trainer came today, so it was like old home day. She did the things I’ve taught her so far beautifully, and the trainer said we are ahead in training, yay! She can do ‘sit’, ‘down’ (as in lay down), and ‘come’ (as long as I say her name first).

Now we are teaching ‘leave it’, ‘no’, and ‘quiet’, just as behavior modifiers as needed. Saturday we will be gone all day, so we are leaving Hope with the trainer and she is going to train her on a few new things and I will learn them when I pick her up on Sunday.


Last night it was me that got us up. I had a horrible nightmare, so went to go get my phone from downstairs and bring it up to plug it in (getting up helps, if I stay put it is worse). But before I could leave DH said, “she wants to come too.” And there she was at the edge of the bed waiting for me to pick her up. So sweet.

To the right is her eating her first bully stick. She LOVES it. But it stinks so bad I’ll not be getting another one. Pig’s ears will have to do. And sheep’s ears. Maybe some grain free jerky. She is on a grain free diet. Thinking about making her some probiotic yogurt pops for her teething, but would have to make her eat them outside as she would make such a mess.


Sharing is not in Hope’s vocabulary. On top of learning the behavior modifiers, we are having problems with anything that belongs to Pickles. She wants it. I got out three pig’s ears so that any way you had it, each dog would have one. Wrong. Hope wants them all, and the moment Pickles starts to chew on one, that is the one she must have. I have promised Pickles that the next time he gets put up in his kennel, he is getting one all to himself. Maybe even a stinky bully stick. I am worried that he is not sticking up for himself enough and that she will just bowl him over when she is older and bigger.


Had therapy today, and Hope gets to go with me when I go, yay! My therapist loves her, and she greets my therapist and inspects the area I’m in then goes under a chair and sleeps. I don’t know if this is from Hope picking up on my anxiety or her own discomfort at being in the car buckled in with a harness (see left), but she gets as close to me as she possibly can. She gets on top of the center console and then smooshes up against me. I appreciate it, just knowing that I’m finally going to have a service dog is a big relief, her presence is soothing.

So, yay that we are ahead in our training and that she is doing so well with what she knows. I’m a little frustrated that she barks so much, it’s mainly at night so it is difficult to train it out of her. She barks when she wants to go downstairs where we play, and I can’t make a firm point and ignore her barking because she would wake everyone up. Leave it is one we are getting constant practice on, and it already starting to stick. I love how fast her mind works… except when it works against me like with the barking. LOL.


Sorry this was kinda choppy and made over several days. I usually don’t have much computer time now as I’m playing with Hope or chasing her down, lol. She is a remarkably good dog, and the trainer agrees that we should be quite successful with training her.


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