Hope is Home! I’m still having a hard time believing it, but she is here and safe and full of energy and cuteness! She has already helped with my anxiety. We had to drive through really bad rush hour traffic, 2 hours to get home, and thanks to her I barely had any extra anxiety from it!

She’s a hoot, and her personality is really coming out. She loves Pickles, our family dog (half corgi/beagle mix) but he does not know what to do with her. He’s trying though and that is what counts. He is getting very jealous, even though we are trying our best to keep that from happening. I have them each a greenie, his first, of course. So he choked his down as fast as he could and stole hers. She was so surprised she was still sniffing the ground for it. So I got her one of her own and came up to the office with it for her. Pickles whined at the door, but Hope was happy with her greenie. 

She has a LOT of energy, and I had a migraine and my knee hurting from surgery, so I got her a pigs ear to chew on, get some of that energy out. And boy has it been a lifesaver! I would have preferred a lamb’s ear, but it is what the kids brought me, so we are sticking with that. LOL. She loves it, but gets frustrated at it after a few minutes. I put out a box for her to play with and put her rope toy in it, she loves the box more than the rope toy now, lol.

She has done really good with going potty, the only difficulty we have had is that she wants to pee on the carpet in the office, though she did #2 on her pee pad. So proud of how she is doing! Office is not really the best place for her with all of the wires and what not, but she loves it in here with her pig’s ear. She totes it around from place to place and when she is really, really tired, nothing is as comfy as Daddy’s chair. She begged to get up there and then passed out

Church has said I can bring her with me, but until she is potty trained I don’t feel comfortable doing that. I don’t want to make messes in church! But it means a lot to me that it was even offered It means they want me there. And that means a lot.

Training starts in earnest next week, as far as I know, learning the basics. I have to work out with the trainer how much it is going to cost and what we are going to do. Right now we are working on potty training. Lots of pee pads and going outside a lot. It’s a little bit difficult for me right now with the bum knee, but we are managing. Hubby is amazing, taking her out for me after she eats, I’m so grateful.

Now I have to wait till she is tired again so she will sleep in her kennel. Been up since 1030, but in all fairness we went to bed early because between my knee and migraine I could not handle much

 more! Feeling better now, though the side of my head is very tender.

I can’t wait to get into really training her and seeing what she can do. I know the basics are going to be difficult, heck the whole thing will probably be difficult, but will be well worth it.

And now my eyes are closing on their own, so I will say goodnight and prayers for a peaceful night with no incidents!!



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