So exactly one month ago today I had gastric bypass surgery. Today I measure, weigh, and take pictures to see how far I’ve come. I’m feeling bad about it because I hit that plateau that lasted like a week and a half. But the family all says they can see a difference… So let’s find out! Here are my stats:

Starting weight: 270
Post Surgery weight: 251 (-19)
One Month weight: 234.5 (-16.5)
Total Lost to Date: 35.5

Measurements (Starting and current)
Neck: 16.25 — 15
Upper Arm: 15 — 14.75
Waist: 54.5 —50
Hips: 54 — 50
Upper Thigh: 27.25 — 26.75

The first picture is my before, and of course the second is at 1 month. The shirt is the same, I thought it would emphasis if I had lost weight or not. Instead I think it hangs like a tent on me, masking the weight I’ve lost. The 1st picture shorts are size 22’s which are now hanging off of me. The 2nd picture shorts are size 18W, which fit perfectly. I think I need to lose another inch or two before fitting into regular size 18’s.

I’m more motivated by these results and I plan to get back to doing exactly what I’m supposed to be doing (following dietitians diet order, exercising) and I’m re-dedicating myself to following these things to the best of my ability. I want to make month 2 even better than month one, if that is possible!! I’m so thrilled by the results so far, even with the plateau, I think next month I will kick butt!

News on my future service dog! Last week I got the picture to the right, saying she was the best candidate so far. Yesterday I got a text saying the trainer, O, had my girl picked out and would send me a picture as soon as she could. Her interns are helping with the individual pictures. I’m trying to be patient, must remember that there is a total of 18 puppies (Golden Retrievers and Standard Poodles). Can you imagine that many puppies!? Cute overload! I love the way this little girl is sleeping, she looks like such a cutie! Hopefully I’ll find out soon which pup is mine. I have three more weeks till I can pick her up, and I just can’t wait. I’m already trying to get the upstairs cleaned up, trying to make room for her and have her special place.

Sadly, I will still be healing when I pick up the puppy (Hope), because I’m having knee surgery on the 11th of July. Not a major surgery, I should be healed after a week, but we are picking up Hope on the 14th. Fortunately DH will be driving and I can spend the entire drive cuddling my pup.

My days going to change a bit, but I’m looking forward to it. With a puppy’s attention span being so short, 5-10 minutes every hour is the best amount of time for training, so at least 5 times a day, hopefully more, we will be training in what we know and what we are learning that week. I’ll be training Pickles in whatever I train Hope, so double that time. Except things he is too small for or I don’t want him doing, like opening the fridge door. I’ll have to keep them separated so that no one tries to steal someone elses treats. Plus I want to walk my puppy in the park as frequently as possible, so every day that it is nice enough weather we will be going to a nearby park. Once school starts that same park is on the way home from the middle school, so that will work wonderfully.

My anxiety has been really high. I don’t know why, it just is, almost paralyzing me from doing so many things. But I am trying to get out and do things anyway. Doesn’t always work, and sometimes backfires, but I don’t want the kids summer to be spent at home on their electronics. Plus, I don’t want to become a recluse again, afraid to leave the house for fear of a panic attack or PTSD episode. I can’t wait till I can have Hope fully trained and take her with me places because I’m drowning in those two things right now and I’m not coping well, I don’t think. I’m doing good at hiding it, but what good does that do me? I don’t want to be a burden to others. Meanwhile my heart is in my toes and my chest is aching from emptiness and there are bees in my stomach buzzing up a storm. I just want to curl up with my puppy and take a nap. Can’t wait to bring her home. But I will try all of the coping skill that I can to get me out of this including the new meds the p-doc prescribed me.



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