I have not lost weight in 7 long days. So I made an asap appointment with the dietitian to see what I was doing wrong. Everything it seems. So I’m back to two shakes a day only this time I’m to make them 1/2 the size, 4 oz. And then only drink till I am full, so if I am full at 2 oz, that is all I have to have. Nice. Then for dinner I am to have a soft protein but no specific amount, just eat slowly till I am full and don’t eat any more. My pouch (new stomach) has a strange way of letting me know I am full. I can’t describe the way it feels, it is so different from what I’d normally feel. I’m relieved that it was as simple as this; I’m overeating. Now the weight loss can begin again!

What I was doing before was trying to meet my protein intake of 65 g, or at least get close to it. The most I got in one day was 55, and that was with protein supplements, which I no longer need and the dietitian told me to throw away. I’m dehydrated and am to focus on hydrating more than anything else. Forget the protein intake, she said, concentrate on hydrating first. So three meals a day, two of them shakes and 1 a soft protein. I can do that. It was a quick easy appointment. Now to see how this works for the next week!

Other than the last 7 days of not losing weight, I’m doing great! I have more energy, been doing more, am trying to get out of the house and go to parks for walking and for the kids to play. DH says he can see the weight loss. The dietitian said so to. So I really looked in the mirror, and I can see it a little in my face, but that is it. Still, that makes me happy.

So, to the right is possibly my new puppy! Can’t see her little face, but I’m betting she is adorable. Just got this picture a few minutes ago. She’s not the big one or the runt we had been looking at. Isn’t she cute though? I can’t wait to meet her!!

If you read my previous post, ‘Living With Anxiety’, you understand a small part of why I need a service dog. I do not hide who I am. I’m doing better, I’m learning to use the tools I have to help me deal with my disabilities, and a service dog is one of those, will be a great help, a partner to help me, anchor me. Both my therapist and my psychiatrist are 100% behind me in getting a service dog, although my psychiatrist asked, “will you be bringing the dog in here?” With some trepidation. Of course I will, but don’t worry, she will be potty trained. LOL.

We decided five plus years ago that I needed a service dog. Finances did not allow it. Last year I started a gofundme account named PTSD Service Dog For Karri. I’ve raised enough money to get the dog and start the training! I don’t know how much more we will raise, but I will keep the gofundme account open and keep posting. Every little bit helps.

I’m getting an idea from the trainer how much time I will have to spend training, not as much as I thought. The time will increase as the puppy grows older. But as a puppy it will just be 5-10 minutes an hour, 3-4 times a day, or however many hours I can. Suggestion was for at least 5 hours a day so I shall do that, but the minimum is 3-4. I’ll be training both my puppy and our family dog, Pickles (seen to the left). First I will train Pickles, then Hope (puppy’s name). That way Pickles will not feel left out, I’ll be doing everything for him first. From feeding him to training him, at first anyway, so he does not feel like Hope is taking over his home.


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