I’ll start with my most recent update: I’ve had RNY Gastric Bypass surgery! I’m on day 7 post-op and doing okay. I get at least 3 walks in a day and am getting my total water in, or real close to it. Having trouble with getting my protein in. Something about the shakes just turn me off now, even the ones I liked before. One sip and I’m nauseated. But I got some down yesterday, diluted and iced (in the blender). Apparently this is a common problem as I Googled it and found lots of stuff on it. I’m allowed to have ‘cream of’ soups so I’m going to see if I can get some of those to try so that I’m at least getting calories.

I’m also sleeping better, though I’m having a hard time with my cpap machine. It’s like I can’t catch my breath.

Why gastric bypass? Why something so drastic? Well, I was told by my general surgeon that at my weight and with my current decline in health… well lets just say the words ‘life expectancy’ were brought up, and not in a good light. I was told I needed to lose weight and lose it fast. I’ve been struggling with my weight for about 12 years, and my weight just keeps crawling up. I’d say I was losing that battle. The general surgeon gave me a hand written referral to go straight to the Obesity Clinic (shortened version of the clinic name that I use) and talked to me about bariatric surgery. I always thought of it as the easy way out, or too drastic of a step for just some weight loss. I mean, if you had willpower you could do the same thing the surgery does just by eating less, right? Wrong.

Gastric Bypass surgery, and other bariatric surgeries are much more than just eating right, though that plays an important role too. There is so much more to it. I’m not going to get into it, because I’ll get carried away, LOL. But look it up, do some research like I did.

On to the numbers! I weighed in at my top weight at 270 Lbs. Right before surgery I was all the way down to 245 Lbs. After Surgery I weighed in at 251 Lbs.  So I’m going with a starting weight of 251 Lbs, total loss to date of 19 pounds.

Didn’t take my measurements when I had planned on it, before surgery. So these are my Day 2 post op measurements and I’ll use them as my starting point. Don’t know if I’m going to measure every week or month. We’ll see. Here they are:

Neck: 15.25
Upper Arm: 15
Waist: 54.5
Hips: 54
Upper Thigh: 27.25
Today’s weight: 247

Four pounds in one week is not bad, being post-op though, I feel it should be more. It’s not as much as I expected. I don’t know what I was expecting really. Ten pounds? Something like that. Maybe that happens later. I don’t know. Setting an alarm for 2 hours, so that I’ll be reminded to go walk. I think getting more exercise in will be helpful. I’m spreading it out over the day because I can’t do much at a time, just 10-15 minutes. I started late today, but not going to let that stop me. I am going to make the most of this and give it my all!

I’ve made a meal plan for the day… not sure if I can stick to it or not, I want something savory and I’ve got one of my shakes down for lunch which are sweet and difficult to get down. But I will try my best. And I will try the unflavored protein powder in a soup. I’ve got to get my protein in, maybe that is why I’m not losing weight as fast as I think I should. I see the doctor on Friday, I’ll find out then.


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