Oh what a dilema I have!! I have two options when it comes to getting my service dog and both will equal me getting the dog in the Spring. First we have to get our little dog trained, so that must be taken into consideration to, as that will cost a lot of money as well. at least 2-3k

OPTION #1: To train the dog myself.

  • May grow the bond closer with the dog as I will get her younger and will be the main person to interact with her.
  • costs less, like a couple of grand less
  • Being trained how to train the dog I will know how to correct problems if they arise and how to continue her training
  • Will get the dog in the Spring, my hardest time of year, the dog may keep me going and from getting too bad
  • I’m bound to have up and down days, this will get the dog more attuned to my moods and she will know when I’m starting to have trouble and I can better teach her to be attuned to me once I am trained how


  • Will be getting the dog in the Spring, my hardest time of year, may not have the ability to train with the dog
  • I have to do the training myself and will have to have the discipline to keep it going at all times, she will know only basic leash training and house training when I get her.
  • I will be main person in charge of training, what if I have bad days and can’t do training for a few days? Will this affect her training?

OPTION #2: Have the dog trained for me


  • Don’t have to do the intensive training myself, just the daily upkeep
  • Will get a fully trained dog come Spring, my worst time of year


  • Will have to learn how to do the daily upkeep training, may cost more time to go to trainer for more one on one time
  • If a problem crops up I may not know how to deal with it since I didn’t train the dog and have to go back for intensive training: more money
  • Costs more

A few more questions to ask the trainer, brought up by other SD owners:

  • What will happen if the SD washes out?

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