One year.
One goal.
One hundred and thirty pounds
Leaving the obese BMI behind and finally reaching a normal one.

In one year and one month, according to SP, if I lose 2 pounds a week, I can lose 100 pounds. I know there will be ups. I know there will be downs. I know there will be plateau’s. I know I can do this.

My goal date: 25 July 18
My goal weight: 149
My goal BMI: 28.2 (overweight instead of obese)

Now I’m short, so the very high end of healthy (aka ‘normal’) is 130 for me. That is also my main goal. I want to be 130 pounds, and I need to lose 130 pounds. I need to lose a whole me. That is daunting. But I’ve broken it up into 10 pound goals, and larger goals as well. My current large goal is 30 pounds by 3 Oct. I’ll set a new large goal when I get there, and redo all my dates and goals depending on where I’m at when 3 Oct comes. I’m hoping for more than 30 lost, but I’ll be dancing and singing if I reach 30 pounds!!! But my main large goal is to get out of the Obese BMI range and into the just Overweight range and for that I need to lose 100 pounds.

I was going to not let myself get the reward for each stage if I didn’t reach it on time, but you know what? That is just silly. If I reach a goal lost, no matter what date I reach it, I’m going to let myself get the reward. I’ve only got the goals planned out to January, which is when I could reach One-derland. I’ve got a big reward planned for that, a serger (for sewing, one of my hobbies I’m learning).

I worked on this during the morning and blogged a little on it, but then I was like, why stop at 30 pounds? Why not set a bigger goal and mini goals to reach along the way? I know those last 20 or so pounds will be harder to get off, so I’m holding off on those, but to get out of the morbidly obese BMI range and then eventually get to plain overweight BMI range and then normal… I can’t wait! But it is going to take a lot of hard work, a lot of determination, and a lot of lemons.

Why lemons? I love lemons in unsweet tea and now I love them in plain water, in fact, it helps me to get more water in!

I could feasibly lose the whole 130 pounds by 19 September of next year!! Feasibly, that is at 2 pounds a week. I know I can lose more right now because I weigh more but I also know that it will get harder and harder as I go along. I think planning this out and setting goal dates and striving for those goals, and those rewards, will really help. I need to keep them present in my mind so that I can think of that next goal and my ultimate goal the next time I’m facing down chocolate pudding at 2 in the morning.

So, right now my main goal dates are

30 pounds: 3 Oct 17 Reward: Craft Cart
60 pounds: 15 Jan 18 Reward: Serger
100 pounds: 25 July 18: Reward: not yet set
130 pounds: 19 Sept 18 Reward: New Wardrobe  (or perhaps wait on a ‘new’ wardrobe till after the skin surgery?)

I need to stick a few more large goal dates in there. Maybe 115, since those last pounds are the trickiest to get off.

Now to set my mindframe. I need to be kind to myself. I am moving very soon and I won’t have my treadmill for a few days and then I won’t have internet for a few days as well. I can do strength training in the mornings but cardio I won’t have time for until we get the treadmill set up at the new house during moving. But I have a feeling I’ll get plenty of workout in doing the moving and cleaning and packing and unpacking. I need to expect good results, if I stick to my program and not be disappointed if I don’t get good results for not sticking to the program. I need to learn to talk myself down from having those things that are not on my meal plan. I need to plan like crazy and stick to my guns, even when a pbj is staring at me. Or whatever else there may be. I need to set myself up for success. I also need to be gentle with myself. Plateaus happen. I need to switch things up every 6 weeks, just like I was taught to do when I was training and in good shape.

To think that it is possible for me to be at my goal weight next year emoticon Mind blown. But I know it can be done, I’ve seen posts of people doing it. I know I can do it if I just give it my all and not get in my own way. I can do this.

So I guess my one year+ goal is really to reach my goal weight, if SP is saying I can actually reach it… barring problems by September of next year. Wow. So let’s say my Christmas present to me next year is to be at or close to my goal weight. That gives me tthree months leeway… I have lots of goals, lots of plans, but mainly, I just want to feel good again, and losing weight does that. I actually probably won’t be able to reach my goal weight without the skin surgery. I’m talking, I’m sure there is going to be at least 10 pounds in extra skin.

In the featured picture I was probably 120-ish. I felt great at that weight, but it was hard to maintain, I had to workout like mad and eat very carefully. So I’m thinking 130 will be good because that was where I stayed the first 4-ish years of my enlistment and I liked it there. Who knows my body may have other things in mind. But it is an attainable goal, it is realistic. What got this all started was someone who posted a before and now picture of their pants. Wow. And I thought, I wish I could do that. And that rebellious little part of me that I’ve recently discovered whispered, “we can and we will.” So I started crunching the numbers and you know what? With each goal that I set and got the numbers for, I pushed myself to go even further and further, closer to my ultimate goal of 130…. and it’s doable.

I can and I will. Watch me. emoticon emoticon emoticon

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