30 pounds.
That is my current goal.
To get 30 pounds off of me. According to Sparkpeople, if start today and lose 2 pounds a week I’ll lose it by October 3rd. I’m going to try for sooner, but not be expecting it or disappointed if it doesn’t happen.

I set up my last post, which I will refer to often, it has my schedule for my strength training workouts and the links to the workouts on Sparkpeople. This morning I did a core workout and it kicked my tail. But I did it. I walked for 10 minutes, at either a 2.2 or a 2.3, slow since I was not feeling well this morning. But I did it.

I think I’ve been going about this all wrong. I’m resetting my way of thinking, or trying to, and starting today will work hard to keep it up.

I can’t jump in and walk 5 miles a day when I’m struggling to walk for 10 minutes.  I  can’t expect myself to do a 30 minute strength training program when I’m having a hard time finishing even part of it. I expect more of myself than I can do and then I quit when I can’t do it. I can’t do an enormous workout when I can’t sleep for more than an hour and have no energy. But this is what I can do:

  • I can work out for 10 minutes at a time at least one time a day. If I’m feeling energetic and up to it, I’ll do another 10 minutes. But all I expect me to do is that first 10 minutes. More is good. But just one is fine. In a month I’ll up it to 20 minutes minimum and so on. But take it slow and steady.
  • I can do a strength training video for 10 minutes or less every day (rest on Sunday). Do what I can. Push, but don’t overdo it. Learn the modifications and don’t be too overconfident to try them. Eventually I won’t need the modifications. Every now and then try to do the exercises without the modifications, but just do what I can.
  • I can stretch after every workout. The strength training videos have stretches at the end and one of them is a stretching video. But I need to remember to stretch after walking as well, no matter how ‘short’ a time I spend walking.
  • I can eat on time and eat enough while not overeating. Track everything to make sure I’m eating enough, and track it before I eat it to make sure I’m not eating too much.
    • I have a shake for breakfast that is very low calorie. Adding things to it or having something with it is a must if I plan for that to last me till lunch time, and I do.
    • Lunch is hard because I get really hungry, but then I usually have a shake and that satisfies me. I’m adding veggies to lunch so that I’m getting in my freggies and enough calories.
    • Dinner is harder because this is my big meal, to get me through the night without snacking. But I still need to watch what I’m eating, how many calories and track everything.
    • I often get carried away with snacks, I need to measure and limit snacks. I have three put down for the day since I’m diabetic, to keep my blood sugar even.  0900: may or may not eat, lunch is not far away, 1400: I usually get hungry before lunch and dinner, small snack like an apple or some edamame is good 1900: if I’ve had an early dinner, a late snack is needed to keep my blood sugar even through the night. Keep it to veggies and proteins, no carbs or sugars, so no fruit.
  • Thrive every day. I love how Thrive works for me, it really works, remember to take my 1-2-3 step as soon as I get up and my Activate around 1030 or sometime before lunch on an empty stomach if possible. But in order for it to work I have to remember to do the following:
    • No coffee or tea or other source of caffeine other than Thrive unless in the evening. If I have it in the morning, it makes me incredibly tired and not feeling good
    • Take 1-2-3 step first thing after waking up, follow directions
    • take Activate before lunch on an empty stomach, around 10 or 1030. On days I really need it take a Pure at this time instead.
    • When it comes out, buy the Duo instead of the regular patch!!!!
  • Weigh in every other day or at least once a week. I’m one of those people that my weight fluctuates from day to day and if I have an off day eating it can mess up my whole week. Weighing daily keeps this ever present in my mind so that I don’t have an off day.
  • Lemon water is amazing. I drink more water this way. Don’t forget to take my zantac though! keep lemon juice on hand all the time!
  • Stay active on Spark!!

That is all I can think of right now. I’ll add more if I think of it. I just really need to not overdo it, especially with as little sleep as I’m getting. Hopefully last night’s 6 hours of sleep is a good indicator of things to come!!

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