So, starting Monday I’m going to be doing strength training and cardio no matter how little or much sleep I get. I need to strengthen my core. Period. It’s looking worse.  Core will be three times a week, if you count the pilates core fusion on Saturday, 4 times a week. I’m to do at least 10 minutes of cardio every day no matter how tired I am. I can do more if I’m feeling it, but that is all I’m making myself do this week and with this little sleep.

Everyday: 10 minutes cardio on the treadmill, may do more if feeling up to it.

Monday: Core 9 minute Boot Camp Core Workout – Coach Nicole

Tuesday: Arms 9 minute arm workout with Dumbells – Coach Nicole

Wednesday: Core 10 minute crunchless core workout – Coach Nicole

Thursday: legs 6 minute butt blasting workout  Leg training chair exercise  4 minute lower body stretching routine

Friday: Core 12 minute pilates abs workout

Saturday: Flexibility/Pilates/Yoga Ageless: 360 Degree Core  by Kathy Smith, quite a workout. And then by the same person, Ageless: Stay Strong Stretch

Sunday: Rest/ basic stretching

I love Coach Nicole and Kathy Smith. Both push you while also have modifications for if you can’t quite do the move yet.



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