0526 – I took my capsules at 0500, just finished my shake and am feeling good. Helps that I woke up feeling good. I slept till 0300 last night! Woot! I added cinnamon t my shake, but the coconut in the coconut/almond blend made it taste funky. I think either straight almond milk or real cow’s milk will make it taste better. I think the coconut was overwhelming. I’m going to let my shake settle and then go get some workout clothes on and get on the treadmill. I’ll put on my DFT patch after I shower. Almost have my first quart of water gone, and will finish it after I work out, don’t want my stomach sloshing about while I walk! One thing I have noticed is that I have a lot more gas than usual. Don’t know if that is from the chili or the Thrive, but man do I need DH to wake up so I can get in my cabinet in the bathroom and get some gas-x!! Okay, going to go get changed and work out!

0730 – Worked out for 26 minutes, man am I out of shape! I’m wanting to work out for 30 minutes, working up every week for a total of at least 390 minutes this month. I also took a look at my 500 miles in 2017 challenge and changed my personal goal to 280 miles in 2017, no way I can reach 500 in just half a year! I mean, if I was in shape, maybe, but the way I am now? No. 250 miles for the rest of the year starting today, I’ve already got 31 miles counted for the year. I did more than that but I didn’t track it all.

2041 – Today was a sucky day, but I had energy. I started that TOM so that explains the cramps and grumpiness of the last few days. Sucks, but not as much as when I didn’t have the Mirena implant. I think the Thrive is working, I’ve not been able to nap all day because though I have felt sucky from cramps and migraine and general not feeling good. But I’ve had energy. I’ve hand washed so many sinks full of dishes I don’t remember, and have many more to do. The dishwasher is not working properly. So, while it is frustrating when having severe head pain to not be able to sleep it off, the meds got rid of most of the pain, and I was able to be up for most of the day. I still felt the need to lay down after lunch, but it was purely mental, physically I was a little tired, but not really. I ordered a drink to take at lunch time for a boost, mostly so that mentally I’ll be able to make it through the day. I don’t know if I ate lunch or not and ended up having to eat a banana with peanut butter because I got kinda shaky, forgot to check my BS, so don’t know where it was at.

We went thrifting and I found DH 5 shirts, new-ish looking to me, and 2 pairs of pants for me to practice hemming on. The pants look new-ish too. I’m going to rewatch the hemming class so I don’t get it wrong this time. I don’t have much to hem on them, but I don’t want to get it wrong, even if they were only $4 a pair.

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