0347 – wide awake and energetic! I’ve been awake in bed for a while. Am seriously contemplating more pizza, but no, I ate more than enough
 last night! Must resist! I had 3 pieces for dinner then two more before bed because the longer I stay up the hungrier I get and I listened to my head instead of my stomach. 😓 Anyway, drinking lots of water to kill the urge. And I’ve been drinking my full 64+ ounces of water daily. So why is my mouth dry? This, I do not understand.

So, this Thrive ‘experience’, I’m really liking it so far… but I cannot nap, even if I want to. I’ll get all comfy and kinda sleepy, but the energy just won’t let me sleep. Which is kinda good, I’ll get out of the habit of napping soon. But kinda bad, sleeping is how I get rid of migraines. But, like I was telling some friends on SP, it’s gentle energy. It’s not like I’m buzzing or anxious energy. It’s more like ‘oh, I have energy I can use, nifty.’ It’s not restless, I gotta move, kind of energy. It’s more mild and kinda surprising at times when I’d normally be exhausted and not be able to do things to find that I do have energy and can do it. Take the dishwasher not working properly. I was so upset because I’d have to stand for so long to clean them. Now keep in mind, I’ve worked out, run an errand, gone shopping, taken care of the kids… I would usually be exhausted. But I had the energy to clean the kitchen while hand washing the dishes and managing the kids ‘helping.’ All of this shortly after taking my migraine meds, so my head is still achy, but I didn’t have a migraine any more, and I’m cramping from that time of month (didn’t know what it was at the time). But I had the energy to do it. The energy was subtle, like reaching into what was once a dry well and being surprised to find water. Not murky, yucky water; fresh, crisp, clean water.

It might seem I’m going on about the energy too much, but it’s amazing. It’s hard to describe, though I have tried. I was able to stay up with DH last night, till like almost 11. I didn’t get sleepy like the previous night. It was hard to explain to him that not being able to sleep was wonderful, because it was during the day I could not sleep. Now I’m still having to take my sleeping meds at night to get to sleep, but LeVel does have a product called Rest that I think if this stuff keeps working, a few months down the road I may try.

So let’s get down to goals. I’ve made several, but did not have the energy to actually do those goals. Now I do. So lets put numbers on those goals.

  • 6k steps a day. I got it in yesterday no problem. Had to take my band off so no idea how many steps I actually took, but I know I at least reached my goal
  • 280 miles this year. I’ve already gone 31 miles that I’ve tracked, on the treadmill. My goal was 500, but it’s almost mid year so there is probably no way I can feasibly reach that goal. So I halved it and rounded the 31 miles to add to it. This is just on the treadmill, or walking at the park or hiking, not including my regular daily steps.
  • Monthly fitness minutes goals: 720. That’s taking one day off and only doing 30 minutes a day. I plan on slowly building up to at least an hour again, so I’ll probably not reach my half goal of 360 for this month because I’m not at 30 minutes yet, but I’m almost there. I just need to push myself more.
  • lose 10 pounds in the next 30-ish days. A lot I know, but I think I can do it and I want it off before the camping trip! As long as I get close to this lofty goal I will be happy.

Not working out this morning, waiting till this afternoon, but I will work out, because I will have the energy!

1015 – I managed to go back to bed for 2 hours! So that is a total of 6 hours of sleep, yay! I took my capsules as soon as I woke up the 2nd time and waited the 20 minutes and had my shake. Yucky. I had it in a shaker with cow’s milk and a dash of cinnamon. Some flavor in the shake is not agreeing with my pallet. I didn’t like it yesterday with almond coconut milk either. I did like it with almond milk in the blender with frozen strawberries. I think I’ll do that from now on.

Now I’ve put my patch on and am ready for bear! 1) supplement capsules 2) shake 3) patch – easy as 1,2,3!

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