Wow, I barely slept last night. I went to bed around 2230 and got up around 0100. That’s 2.5 hours of sleep. I went back to bed around 3 or 4, I slept some, no idea how long, and then just laid in bed. Around 0540 I finally got up because just laying in bed that long is hard. I’ve no spoons, no energy, I’m dragging and not awake. I’ve taken my capsules and am almost finished with my quart of water. I’ll take my meds with more water when I’m done. I’ve got 30 more minutes for my shake. I’m exhausted. Last night was hard.

I just put on the patch – 0554 – because it does not say when to do that, so I got bored and did it.

0556 – I feel like I have some energy now, like I’ve had a cup of coffee and am awake-ish. My head hurts, but other than that I’m doing good. Thrive has aspirin in it so I suspect the head pain is either a migraine or it will go away soon. Taking my morning meds now. Quart of water has been drunk. I’m really dry mouth and thirsty this morning.

0607 – I’ve got energy, I’m tapping my foot and rapping my fingers on my glass. But my head still hurts, my acid reflux is acting up (taking something for that) and I’m still brain foggy. Could be because of how little sleep I got last night. I’m hoping this will help me to wear myself out enough to actually sleep tonight. I’ve gotten dressed and as soon as my shake settles I’m going to go work out, at a nice slow pace to see if I can and if Thrive gives me enough energy to do so and last through the day.

0622 – I think I’m going to agree with whoever said 20 minutes. I’m queasy and having a hard time drinking the shake and my head hurts more, but like around my eyes and nose, so it is not a migraine. Now I’m done with my shake (0626) and feeling a little better now that I have something on my stomach. I had a meal in the middle of the night, so that is all I’m going to have for breakfast. Gotta stop eating in the middle of the night. Gonna have a very light lunch because of it. don’t want to eat too much and gain more weight because I get the munchies at midnight. Maybe I’ll try to have an apple or something like that. Gonna check in about an hour from now and see how I’m doing, I’m awake and ready to go but also sleepy and ready for bed. I’m probably going to go work out and see if that wakes me up more.

1155 I don’t exactly feel wonderful and bouncy, but I’ve had enough energy to do the things I needed to do today. The nausea from waiting so long to take my shake made me feel pretty bad for a while, but it passed after about 30 minutes. Won’t do that again. I ran errands, have more to run tomorrow. I had a donut. I’m trying to drink a lot of water to flush the sugar out. I will probably start feeling it soon

2042 I’m really tired. I had a great first day though. More energy than I would normally have for only having a few hours of sleep. My energy started wearing out around 1900, but that is a lot better than most days. I don’t want to get overly excited about this product, but if day one is any indication, this is going to be good. Please let this be as good as it seems! I ordered enough shakes to last the rest of the month (they come in packs of 16), in chocolate, but I have no complaints about vanilla. The pills are huge but are capsules, so easy to swallow and the patch stays on well, I just have to remember to work out and shower before putting it on so that I don’t waste one! So tomorrow I’ll take the capsules, drink my shake, let it settle a little then work out, shower and then put on my patch. I think I’m coming down sick with what DH and DD have, so gotta factor that in too.

I’m off to bed and am going to see how I sleep tonight. Angela said it took two weeks for her sleep to start being really good. I hope I at least get 4 hours tonight. More would be nice though.



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